In the Heat of Summer, Don’t Cool Off Your Job Search

summer_heatVenturion urges job seekers to maintain their activity during the summer months, rather than relaxing their efforts. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 25% of all annual hires occur during the third calendar quarter (July, August and September). Venturion points out several key advantages for job seekers who heat up their search during the summer.

Don Huse, President of Venturion, points out, “Summer timing is better than most people are aware. July begins the third business quarter for many companies, and others start their fiscal years in July. Some have budgeted to hire additional people and are looking for qualified candidates now. Many people also wait until summer to change jobs so they can relocate when their kids are out of school. This creates opportunity with the company they’re leaving.”

Another advantage to heating up a job search during the summer is that job seekers will face less competition for prime positions. The quieter pace of these months often offers managers more time to concentrate on individual candidates. The relaxed pace of summer is also better for trying to create dialog with company decision makers.

Important Strategies for Summer Job Seekers to Employ

Venturion also highlights key strategies for summer job seekers. Don Huse recommends focusing on engaging high value contacts (those in the companies and industries of interest). “Because business slows down during the summer, it can be easier to meet with people who were too busy earlier in the year. Face-to-face targeted contact development is the most effective job-search method, accounting for up to 70% of all hiring,” he adds.

The company also recommends job seekers put in appearances at events, including barbeques, outdoor parties, picnics and others because these can be the perfect time to let others know about a job search. However, Huse urges caution. He says, “This is best done low-key. Do not come on too strong at social events. These activities are most appropriate for giving a 15-second overview of who you are, what you’re looking for and requesting a future networking meeting or follow-up phone call.

Volunteering with nonprofit, educational and children’s groups during the summer can also be a good way to spread the word. Not only does volunteering help build a network, but it provides the means to gain additional experience in a new field. It can also bring job seekers face to face with hiring managers and other decision makers who are also volunteers.

For job seekers with an ill-defined brand, the summer months are the opportune time to sharpen that brand and their unique value proposition. Individuals should focus on how they are different and how that difference impacts potential employers. Huse recommends job seekers polish their verbal message so that people they meet have a clear picture of their character and their goals.

Social media can be an invaluable tool during a summer job search, particularly LinkedIn. Use these unique options to line up in-person networking meetings, make new connections at targeted employers and learn about their needs and the types of people they’re actively hiring.

Job seekers should not lose sight of the importance of taking advantage of family opportunities during the summer and spending time with spouses and children. However, they cannot afford to miss the advantages that summertime affords a job search.

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