WOAI – Companies are Hiring Again, But the Way You Get That New Job has Changed


  After hunkering down and dealing with the impact of nine to eleven percent unemployment for more than three years, indications are emerging that the long jobs drought is lifting, but local experts say the types of jobs that are available in the marketplace, and even the process for getting a job has changed dramatically since before the recession, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  Don Huse, President of the San Antonio office of OI Partners-Venturion, the global talent management firm, says the hiring process will be new to people who have not gotten a job since before the recession began.

  First of all, he says the process will take more time, and more than just the manager will interview you, and will have input into the hiring process.

  “If more people have a good feel for that candidate, then the likelihood that the candidate will fit in as part of the team increases,” Huse says.

  He says the chances are far better than before that you will be hired without having seen the new office, he says flying in a dozen candidates for in person interviews has changed.  More interviews are being connected via Skype, through traditional phone calls, and even through social media interaction.

  And while previously, ‘lone warriors,’ people who could go out and get results on their own were valued, today’s work place demands more teamwork.

  “I think one of the biggest things is to have a reputation as a team player,” he said.

  And he says, thanks to instant information through the Internet and social media sites, reputations, both good and bad, that a worker obtained in the past is more likely to follow them to a new job.

  “The person that works hard but is a little abrasive, a little harder to work with, that person is going to have more and more trouble,” he said.

  While computer and Internet savvy is important for any job, Huse says the business site ‘Linked In’ is more critical than Facebook in conducting a job search.

  “Linked In is definitely used more,” he says.  “Facebook is used, but so many people have their Facebook sites private.”

  54% of companies say they will hire ‘more employees’ in 2011 than they did last year, and half of all companies are far more concerned about retaining employees than they were in past years.

  He says the number one trait that employers are looking for in new hires is ‘related experience in their industries,’ followed by ‘team oriented,’ ‘customer focused,’ and ‘track record for achieving employers’ goals.’

  Interestingly, ‘work hard’ is just the fifth most important qualification, with only 56% of companies saying they are looking specifically for that quality in new workers.