Express-News interviews Venturion President Don Huse





Many people complain about the difficulty they experience in trying to change careers. Express-News writer Jessica Belasco interviewed Venturion President Don Huse regarding how to successfully change careers:

If you’re contemplating switching to a new profession, the pros suggest:   

  • Identify your skills – things you’re good at and enjoy doing, says Don Huse, president of Venturion, a San Antonio career-management firm. Analyze your accomplishments. What do they have in common? Reflect on your passions and interests.
  • Investigate industries, companies and jobs your skills might match. Talk to people in that field to make sure you understand what’s involved.
  • Figure out how to communicate your value to a new organization or industry. Targeted networking is key. Try social networks such as LinkedIn. “People make big changes of careers all the time,” Huse says. “They rarely do it being discovered in a résumé on a desk or in an in-box. They usually do it talking to people.”
– Jessica Belasco

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